Vitamin C and Wellness: The Risks of Inadequate Intake

Vitamin C, a vital nutrient for overall health, plays a crucial role in maintaining various bodily functions. Its deficiency, though often overlooked, can lead to serious health issues. Vitamin C is indispensable for maintaining various aspects of health, from skin and oral health to immune function and chronic disease prevention. Ensuring adequate intake of this […]

Vitamin C’s Impact on Chronic Knee Issues in Athletes: A Focus on Standard and Ester Forms

Chronic knee complaints are prevalent in athletes, with pain in the patellar tendon often resulting from overuse injuries. Collagen synthesis, vital for tendon health, requires Vitamin C. This article explores the effectiveness of both standard and Ester-C® forms of Vitamin C in addressing these issues. Mitmesser et al. (2015) emphasize Vitamin C’s role in collagen […]

Exploring the Enhanced Health Benefits of Esterified Vitamin C

Esterified Vitamin C form offers increased bioavailability and stability, addressing some of the limitations of traditional ascorbic acid. Esterified Vitamin C is more readily absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract compared to its non-esterified counterpart. This enhanced bioavailability is crucial for maximizing the vitamin’s health benefits, as supported by research from Davis et al. (2016), who […]