The Historical Progression of Effervescent Drug Delivery

Effervescent dosage forms, characterized by their unique fizz and rapid dissolution upon contact with water, have played a significant role in the pharmaceutical and supplement industries. The journey of these innovative drug delivery systems reflects a blend of historical ingenuity and modern technological advances.

The inception of effervescent tablets can be traced back to the early understanding of acid-base reactions, where substances like citric acid and sodium bicarbonate were used. These components react in the presence of water, releasing carbon dioxide, leading to the characteristic effervescence (Ipci et al., 2016). This principle laid the foundation for the development of effervescent dosage forms, offering a novel approach to drug delivery.

Over the years, effervescent tablets have seen various advancements in formulation to overcome challenges such as slow drug absorption and instability in liquid forms (Patel & Siddaiah, 2018). Innovations have included the development of sustained and controlled release preparations, improving the efficacy and patient compliance of these dosage forms.

Today, effervescent tablets are not just limited to providing quick relief; they have been tailored for various medical needs. Their formulation has been refined to enhance drug disintegration and dissolution, making them more effective and convenient for users (Lodhi et al., 2022). Recent research continues to explore novel applications and combinations of ingredients to cater to specific health conditions.

Effervescent dosage forms, from their historical roots to contemporary advancements, represent a significant milestone in pharmaceutical technology. These formulations have continually evolved to offer more effective and user-friendly drug delivery solutions, making them a key focus in ongoing pharmaceutical innovation.


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